Payment Cards Ecosystem

With over 60 million cards sold and many successful EMV migration projects implemented, Mellon is the partner of choice for financial institutions in the region of CESEE. Mellon cooperates with Gemalto to offer:


A range of highly secure native and Java chip cards, applying the latest Visa and MasterCard specifications -ideal for both large and small EMV card deployments. Complemented with a range of products and services that precisely address your needs for both choice and beneficial contractual terms.


For both pure-contactless and dual-interface payment means, the next-generation form-factors present optimized chips and operating systems for high level security, and best in class RF performances and transaction times.

microSD cards

MicroSD can be a scalable, powerful solution that puts innovative banks ahead of competitors, as it helps them to reach the mobile payment market already today. What’s more you can ensure their current handset is ready to make contactless payments within minutes, no need for them to own a specific NFC device (of those that are already in the market).

SIM cards

Gemalto SIM cards provide interoperability and compliance with the latest standards, including new form factors such as the micro SIM, or 3FF (Third Form Factor). This feature ensures that our SIM cards can connect to networks across the globe with any mobile phone or portable device (such as PDAs or Tablet computers).

Card Body & Finishing Options

Graphic and finishing solutions for card-bodies to suit your needs. Try out new combinations of artwork, plastics and effects with innovative materials, shapes and colours, to create a unique brand-enhancing product. Eco Cards: from bio sourced, non toxic, fully compostable, recyclable raw material, that help improve your commitment towards the environment.