Safes & Vaults

Mellon partners with Robur to offer certified physical security products from accredited testing laboratories and according to European standards (EN) equipment. Mellon has extensive expertise and long experience in physical security products to help you achieve optimum results in terms of security and conformity.

Central Safes Used for Cash Reserve – designed to protect cash and valuables from robbery

Night Safes & Deposit Safes – developed to meet the market demands for fast and safe deposits around the clock, with automatic receipt function.

Safes Equipped With Safe Deposit Boxes-  In addition to Central Safes, Mellon offers large safes for Safe Deposit Boxes. Inside these safes we can install 25-100 safe deposit boxes of various sizes. All safes can be equipped with a variety of locking systems (key lock, mechanical combination lock, electronic combination lock time delay lock, time lock etc.) and they come in various sizes to fit different requirements.

Vault Doors and Prefabricated Strong Rooms

Robur Vault Doors are manufactured according to the precise size specifications of the customer, embodying top design and manufacturing capabilities.

Prefabricated Strong Rooms (PRSR) are ideal for a cost effective, easy and highly secure installation, for both new and existing facilities.

Teller Safes/Cash Protectors

Mellon offers a range of Teller Safes that are used for the storage of banknotes, coins and checks during working hours, whereas they are also suitable for the overnight storage of coins. Teller Safes are equipped with time delay locks that provide proactive protection during working hours.

Cash Handover Units

Ready to install, complete units manufactured to M3 bullet proof classification, which only have to be inserted into on-site prepared wall openings and secured by surrounding framework. They are designed for money transfer systems in which document boxes, money and valuables containers and large sums of money, as well as identifications, vouchers, access authorisations, service weapons, etc.

Each unit comprises of:

  • Security sluice
  • Push-in liner or external hatch
  • Two-way communications system
  • Double glazing
  • Surrounding steel framework


Mellon is in the position to offer superior maintenance services for vaults, safe deposit boxes, secure entrance doors, strong safes, fireproof safes and cabinets regardless of the manufacturer. Mellon has a wide network of experienced and well-trained technicians covering all the countries we operate.