Digital Banking Security

Mellon has partnered with Gemalto to bring to its customers the Gemalto Ezio Suite. The Gemalto Ezio Suite is designed to mitigate even the most advanced fraud attacks, but also to help the end-users avoid the most common mistakes. It is easier to deploy, and simpler to upgrade as your needs change.

The key components of the Ezio Suite are the Ezio Server and the Ezio Devices.

Ezio Server:The Ezio Server is a multi-channel, multi-token and vendor-agnostic authentication solution that supports all forms of authentication technologies – across all channels.

Ezio Devices: A complete range of tokens, smart card readers, connected devices, smart cards and mobile solutions.



Thanks to its ability to support several authentication solutions simultaneously, Ezio Suite allows the bank’s customers to use several devices and login credentials at the same time. For example, customers can use multiple credit or debit cards and you can control which services they can access depending on which card they use. This flexibility makes the Ezio Suite popular with customers and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Have it your way

A key feature of the Ezio System lets you pick and mix from our selection of modules, including:

  • Retail eBanking
  • Corporate eBanking
  • Mobile banking
  • Telephone banking
  • eCommerce
  • eBroker
  • Multi-issuer setup


The Gemalto Ezio Suite enables a step-by-step authentication upgrade path from OTP to transaction verification. With Ezio Suite, you have constant access to the latest in eBanking technology. Our approach lets banks expand online while reducing costs and retaining customers.