Retail Cash Deposit Systems

The SDM 500 and CDS 707 cash deposit systems/smart safes from CIMA represent the perfect solution for retail back office. Small and smart, but high performing deposit units, they are the right solution to meet any of your needs.

SDM 500 Small Deposit Machine:

  • High speed: up to 6 banknotes/second
    • Full-image authenticity sensor
    • Disposable bag: heat-sealing bag and stacking bag
    • In the version with heat-sealing bag and stacking bag the safe can be opened just once the bag has self-sealed
    • Availability of the receipt removable by the CIT in the heat-sealing bag
    • High capacity canvas bag (10.000 banknotes)
    • Thanks to the “bundling” device, possibility to bundle the banknotes before they get into the bags
    • Possibility of remote management through the C-Link platform

CDS 707 Cash Deposit System:

  • High speed: 8 banknotes/second
    • Authenticity sensor certified by ECB
    • Canvas bag or heat-sealing bag
    • Safe’s opening just after the bag’s self-sealing
    • It can be interfaced with coin handling devices
    • Availability of the receipt removable by the CIT in the heat-sealing bag

CAOS Operating Software

CAOS, the device operating software, when integrated to the bank system, will enable to recover all data to have the possibility of immediate crediting on one’s own account.

Fiserv CorPoint

Deposit Manager for Merchants is an advanced, integrated cash deposit solution that streamlines deposit handling and helps reduce deposit-related costs. As retail personnel deposit cash into smart safes/cash deposit systems, Deposit Manager for Merchants tracks the status of cash deposits and provides detailed information about each location, including denominations and cashier totals.