Debt Management & Collections

Mellon is a leading provider of collections and debt management services with a successful track record and an immaculate reputation.

Over the years we have built extensive experience collecting in every country, whilst providing you with one resource and the necessary expertise for domestic collections.

What makes Mellon the partner of choice for all our customers can be summarized in this:

We maximize recoveries and speed of collections respecting our customers’ reputation and their valuable customer relationships.

To effectively address the different needs and special requirements of our customers we have designed a sophisticated 2-phase process:

per Delinquency Range

  • Early stages
  • Medium stages
  • Late stages
  • Pre – Legal

per Product

  • Bank cards
  • Consumer loans
  • Consumer loans with collaterals (e.g. automobiles, electric appliances etc)
  • Mortgages
  • Business loans
  • Invoices and credit lines (b2b)